As a student organisation it can sometimes be difficult to afford playing a concert. With your support, it will become easier for us to realise our goal of playing a concert in the Oosterpoort, especially during this time. With the corona measures we will most likely not be able to have our usual audience. With a smaller audience we will need all the support we can get! The money will be used to pay for the concert venue, the substitutes and to our conductor so we can offer you the most enjoyable concert!

This month we are raising money for Jantje Beton. 

This is what our club wants to do with the proceeds: 1 in 3 children hardly ever play outside. Playing outside is not something every child takes for granted. We come in action. 50% of the proceeds is for our club and 50% is for Jantje Beton. With special attention to children in vulnerable positions, such as children with disabilities.


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