Upcoming concerts

Due to the new Corona measures and the lockdown we are very sorry to announce that our concert in February is cancelled! We hope to be able to perform again in December.

Here's what we would have played:


Dvořák's Czech Suite:

  • Praeludium

  • Polka

  • Final


Beethoven's 7th Symphony:

  • Poco sostenuto - Vivace

  • Allegretto

  • Allegro con brio


Dvořák's Czech Suite is based on traditional Czech music, and Beethoven's world-famous 7th Symphony is known for the different rhythms suggestive of a dance. The symphony was immediately well received at the premiere, the Allegretto in particular was immediately popular. It was repeated as an encore at the premiere, and is regularly performed separately from the other movements of the symphony. In addition, it can be heard in the soundtracks of various films.


The orchestra, consisting of talented and motivated students, has worked hard over the past period on this challenging, varied and above all compelling program.

We will be happy to play for you in two concerts of about an hour. We hope to see you then!